Thursday, January 31, 2013

Growing Up In Travelling - Part I

Coming from an ordinary family, not rich, I'm glad that my parents had brought the whole family travelling a lot every year. My friends know that I've been to many countries, so maybe some of them will have a thinking that I'm rich.Actually it isnt true, my parents are just work as a teacher, and my grandparents, are not rich too. So this is the proof that I have no wealthy family background.

If you ask then why I can travel to different countries every year? All I can say is, it's because my parents are willing to spend their money for a happy family vacation and they hope to travel around the world someday.
My parents are always have no doubt to spend their money when it comes to their kids, that's my sis, my bro and I la. =) So now my travelling stories begin! And you can see that I'm growing up through these travels. 

1) Thailand.  I had started to travel abroad since I was 7 years old? I didnt remember the exact age. But I remembered that the first country that I travelled to was Thailand. =)
At the time, we didnt own a digital camera yet. Instead we used a film camera. Ahha, old times... So there's no photo for it. Haih. Sad.

2) Taiwan. 2003. It was my second travel, I was 8 years old. It was also the first time I boarded on a plane ( go overseas la ). * I went to Langkawi by aeroplane when I was 2 or 3 years old. Some sort like that. So now here are some photos. =)

At the airport. 
That's all for Taiwan. =)

3) Beijing. 2004. Here comes China ! What I like about China is, the things they sell there are soooo cheap, but yet, most of them are with low quality. I think my parents had so much fun converting the money from RMB into RM haha. I was not interested in shopping at that time. lol. Anyway, China is indeed a beautiful place. A place where Chinese people were born. 我们是龙的传人. =)


The Greatest Wall of China. That's the symbol of China.

Coming up more:
Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, Jerman, France, England, Holland, Indonesia, etc.......

Wednesday, January 30, 2013




Hello. Let me introduce myself. I'm a girl, 18 years old.
I like listening to music, playing the piano, watching some dramas or tv programmes. there's nothin different from other girls.
Why i want to start this blog? There are two reasons for that.
Firstly, I'm too bored staying in the house. Why i didnt go for a part time job? It's because, my parents are teachers, and they go to school every morning. I have no transport. So, I just do some house chores at home. I dont want to waste my holidays with those dramas and houseworks, so meaningless. -.-
Secondly, I had a few blogs before, but I didnt manage them well, they were just for fun. Recently I've read some blogs, and I think they are interesting. So I decided to write a blog too, I have nothing to do anyway. Hehe.

I saw many people writing their blogs using English, but okay, I'll try. Erhem, but I think I'll use Mandarin most of the time.
It's because my English is not that excellent, moreover, I think I can express my thinking better with Mandarin. =)
I'll share about my thinking, my life, etc. in this blog. Okay I think I'll just end up at here. Thank You.

Toast to my new blog! LOL.